TRI Aerogel


This multi-use aerosol combines the flexibility of a gel with the control of a firm hold spray.  Leaving hair with a supple feel and a brilliant shine.

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We suggest using this product when you want to try something new. It’s a great addition to the bathrooms of those that like to change their look every week. This spray gel doesn’t weigh down the hair; it keeps the hair workable so you only have to spray it in once before running your fingers through your hair in all kinds of ways while trying to decide which hair style you’re going for that day.

Who Should Use It:

Great for any type of hair, but especially those with fine hair or a sensitive scalp. It works well in fine hair because of its light-weight properties, it keeps the hair workable and brushable, but volumizes without weighing the hair down.

How to use:

You simply spray Aerogel into your hair while it is still damp. Once you begin blow-drying your hair the product helps volumize your hair. The great thing is that you can’t see the product at all! So it just looks like you’ve got naturally amazing hair.

How Well Does it Last?

It lasts all day long without making the hair gummy and showing everyone that you used product in your hair that morning. It may not be as suitable for thick hair; it won’t have as strong of a hold that some people with thicker hair are looking for.


Ebay – Of the 9 people that reviewed this product on Ebay, all 9 of them gave Aerogel 5 out of 5 stars.

Amazon – Of the 189 reviews on Amazon, 151 gave Aerogel 5 out of 5 stars. The average review was 4.5 stars out of 5.

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