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REEL BLUE AQUA SEALER  replaces REEL Matte Sealer and REEL Prosthetic Sealer. REEL BLUE AQUA SEALER is a water based cosmetic sealer for all of your make up sealing requirements such as sealing REEL BODY ART INKS, make up, prosthetics, etc.  A light spray is usually all that is necessary.  Don’t over do the spray as it will eventually build up and wrinkle. If you feel you need a second coat, dry the first coat before applying.  A blow dryer will accelerate drying time.  There is a matting agent in the product to create a satin sheen.  Make-up may be used right over sealer to give temporary tattoos, or any body art, that under the skin surface look. Water based – waterproof when dry. We call this “the sealer that seals  all the other sealers. 


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