Pharmagel Derma Fade Anti-Aging

Pharmagel Derma Fade


With 12 proven skin lighteners that fade age spots and skin discoloration for a more even, flawless skin tone makes Derma Fade a Superior Moisturizing Creme. This gentle-acting, Hydroquinone-free skin brightening creme incorporates proven natural ingredients to even skin tone and fade discoloration and pigmentation caused by UV damage and the normal aging process. Also contains three effective sunscreens and has an SPF 35 level to shield skin from both UVA and AVB rays.

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Pharmagel Derma Fade is a moisturizing cream that contains 12 skin lighteners that will reduce age spots and discolorations, allowing you to attain even more flawless skin. This cream uses natural ingredients to even out skin tone and reduce aging. It also contains 3 sunscreens and has an SPF 35 level to protect your skin from UV rays.

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