Nurturing Force Made for the Mist Spray


Our Aloe Vera Gel First Formula provides a quick lasting fix for uncomfortable situations, by providing instant hydrating, moisturizing and cooling for sensitive skin, for an instant feel good Refreshment For Your Face® & Body. As a makeup prep it adds moisture to skin stressed by the joys of life, hot lights and heat during a film or HDTV production or exposure to the harsh elements and pollution. Revitalize skin, keep it moist & dewy, when traveling use as a facial mist.

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Made For The Mist Face / Body Airbrush allows you to moisturize, cool + soothe sensitive skin through your airbrush machine.
For use with professional cosmetic airbrush machines, our convenient dropper bottle, allows you to utilize your airbrush to control the spray application.
Makeup Tip:  It helps clients adjust to the feel of an airbrush application, while it preps skin prior to the makeup application.

Our Vegan liquid spray, Made For The Mist Facial / Body Spray or Airbrush,

moisturizes and cools skin; excellent for all skin types + skin tones; safe for sensitive, dry or raw skin.


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