Ben Nye Neutralizer Stack


Why settle for just one of Ben Nye’s concealers when you can purchase this stack of five? It contains the most popular options, such as Mellow Yellow, and will keep any redness or blemishes at your mercy. Any imperfections will be efficiently turned into perfections.

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Shades: Mellow Yellow Fair, Mellow Yellow Medium, Mellow Yellow Normal, Red Neutralizer No.1, Red Neutralizer No.2,Red Neutralizer No.3, Coverette Ultralite, Coverette Ultra Fair, Coverette Fair, Coverette Medium, Green Concealer Green No.1, Yellow No. 1 Mellow Orange Lite, Mellow Orange Medium, Blue Neutralizer No.1, Blue Neutralizer No.2, Blue Neutralizer No. 3, Blue Neutralizer No. 4, Tattoo Cover No.1, Tattoo Cover No. 11, Tattoo Cover No.2, Tattoo Cover No. 3, Five O’Sharp Studio, Five O’Sharp Olive.


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