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Liquid Hair Colors


Liquid Hair Colors are available in eight different colors, producing realistic hair color for all hair types without appearing blue. Ivory Hair Color is our newest product that provides natural aging on dark brown or black hair. Use toothbrush to styled hair. Set with hair spry to make it last longer. Expect 3- 10 applications per ounce.

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Available in: Silver Gray: HG-1 1fl.oz./29ml. | Silver Gray: HG-2 2fl.oz./59ml. | Silver Gray: HG-3 8fl.oz./236ml. | Silver Gray: HG-4 16fl.oz./473ml. | Dark Grey: DG-2 2fl.oz./59ml. | Dark Grey: DG-3 8fl.oz./236ml. | Taupe: TH-2 2fl.oz./59ml. | Auburn AH-2 2fl.oz./59ml. | Dark Brown: BH-2 2fl.oz./59ml | Snow White: HW-1 1fl.oz./29ml. | Snow White: HW-2 2fl.oz./59ml. | Snow White: HW-3 8fl.oz./236ml. | Snow White: HW-4 16fl.oz./473ml. | Ivory HI-1 1fl.oz.29ml | Ivory HI-2 2fl.oz.59ml | Ivory HI-3 8fl.oz.236ml | Ivory HI_4 16fl.oz.473ml | Midnite Black: MB-1 1fl.oz./29ml | Midnite Black: MB-2 2fl.oz./59ml | Midnite Black: MB-3 8fl.oz./236ml


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