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Crème Foundations


Crème Foundations is available in 55 different colors to find the best match for any users. Artists can use their imagination to create a new person with this full, creamy foundation. Crème Foundations blends extremely well for all skin types. Set with Translucent or Natural Set Face Powders. Expect 25-75 applications.


Available in: White P-1 | Geisha P-022 | Pure Ivory P-023 | Porcelain P-024 | Lite Pink P-2 | Ultra Fair P-4 | Fairest P-41 | Ultra Beige P-42 | Alabaster P-43 | Olive Fair p-45 | Natural Fair P-5 | Natural Tan P-6 | Bronzetone P-7 | Dark Coco P-8 | Black P-9 | Chinese P-11 | Lite Chinese P-111 | Japanese P-12 | Lite Japanese P-121 | Tn Au Lait P-125 | Caramel Tan P-127 | Blithe Spirit P-13 | Sallow Green P-14 | Cadaver Grey P-15 | Blue Spirit P-16 | Death Purple P-17 | Death Straw P-18 | Death Flesh P-19 | Pale Vampire P-20 | Frankenstien P-21 | Death Blue Grey P-22 | Creamy Beige L-0 | Creamy Peach L-1 | Lite Beige L-2 | Rose Beige L-3 | Tan Rose L-5 | Golden Tan T-1 | Bronze Tan T-2 | Lite Bronze M-1 | Suntone M-2 | Medium Tan M-3 | Lite Olive Y-1 | Medium Olive Y-3 | Olive Tan Y-5 | Rice Paper TW-20 | Ivory TW-21 | Golden Beige TW-22 | Fawn TW-23 | Honey TW-24 | Golden Bronze MA-1 | Brown Sugar MA-2 | Hazelnut MA-3 | Rich Cocoa MA-4 | Coffee Bean MA-5 | Deep Ebony MA-6


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