Sugar Skull Perfection

Always wanted to know how to create a beautiful sugar skull makeup? Well we have a step by step demo for you that you can customize to your liking with different colors and shadings.

Step one:

Start by using product to prime your skin. We like Mehron skin prep pro or Kryolan Marly skin. Then after your have primed the skin use a white or lighter shade as your base. Ben Nye’s white cream foundation was used here and blended out.

Step 2:

Start adding a base shadow or contour in whatever color you are wanting to emphasize a skeleton look. We used Pops eyeshadow and Lafemme shadows for our chosen colors.

Step 3:

Now you can start adding a bit more detailing. This can be done however you like. We start by doing designs on the cheek bones, eyes and nose first. Using Kryolan aqua color to base out these skeleton designs. Then you can also make your eye shadowing more bold.

Step 4:

Start to shade around all the designs that you have just done to give it a more 3D effect. Again by using a dark eye shadow or pressed powder FX makeup. Also Start adding in your teeth with any given color you choose. Do the same with the added teeth with your shading.

Step 5:

Finish off your look with a little bit of Kryolan Glamor Sparks on the Teeth and cheekbones for a nice sparkle effect that will be catching everyones eye! And lets be honest what is a sugar skull without a little/lot of SPARKLE.

You can also bring the shading and contouring down the neck to achieve a full look!

Remember we have all the makeup used for this how to on line and in our stores. We also have professional makeup artists to assist you. You can even book an appointment if you would rather have them do your Halloween makeup.

Sugar Skull Makeup done by: Amy Neidens

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