Blonde Bombshell = Purple Shampoo

We all know that getting that Perfect blonde hair requires a lot of upkeep and care. But we have a step that you can do in the comfort of your own home that will had much needed moisture and help you eliminate the dull blonde hues that can happen in summer. There are a lot of contributing factors to dull brassy hair and purple shampoo is a great solution.

Why purple?

“Any art aficionado will tell you that yellow (or, for practical purposes, blonde) and purple are opposite one another on the traditional color wheel. One complements the other. They are each other’s shadow-selves. Yin and yang. You get the idea. What this means is that as your fresh platinum begins to lean brassy, yellow, dull or even greenish due to circumstantial and environmental effectors (we’ll get to that in a sec), purple shampoo will offset these distasteful tones between salon visits—kind of like the proverbial apple a day!”

-quote by Sadie Upwall (Blogger for Got Beauty)


Things such as Chlorine, too much sun exposure, hard water  and over washing can all be contributing factors that alot of times are hard to avoid. We recommend a once per week wash with a purple shampoo to help keep your beautiful blondes in tip top shape. We carry a variety of brands but our favorite is the Kava Sea Lights

Kava Sea Lights is more than a shampoo. It is a protein and herbal extract enriched formula with keratin with highlighter treatment and color brightener built in. It shampoos away yellow and eliminates brassy color. It will shampoo gleam into white, grey, or blonde hair and leaves hair shiny, sparkling full body and rich healthy looking hair with enhanced manageability. Follow with Sea Lights conditioner if desired.

Other Brands:

Did you know it can also be used to brighten up white hair? We have helped countless Santa’s achieve that pearly white during the Christmas Season!

Lighter hair can be very pores so make sure not to leave the purple shampoo on too long and feel free to contact us with any questions.



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