Picking the Right Foundation

Picking the right foundation for our skin type can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Its the one thing that can bring our confidence back when our skin is less then perfect, and lets be honest whose isn’t. There are so many different textures, formulas and ingredients out there.  We have tested all our top brands and hope that this will help you on your quest for the perfect match.

Acne Prone Skin

If acne is a major concern for you then we recommend getting a foundation that has enough coverage to help with the texture of your skin but also not looking caked on. We also recommend trying to clean your brush or sponge before each use. This will help eliminate the bacteria that can stay on our makeup brushes from adding to your acne problems.

Our top pickKryolan TV Paint Sticks are the most popular cream foundation stick in our stores! This amazing foundation is formulated with the perfect consistency for a maximum coverage with the lightest wear possible. TV Paint Sticks are recommended as foundation in a variety of different makeup applications for either TV, Movies, Theatrical Performances, or every day wear! TV Paint Sticks allow a gentle make-up application as well as give you a medium to full coverage.

 This Product goes on smooth and is best blended in with a sponge or by using your fingers!
 *PRO TIP: Use a primer to help get an even and smoother base.
Because the TV Paint Sticks were made for TV or photography they will make your makeup application appear flawless, photo ready, and it is long lasting!
 You will love the several shades to choose from to match your skin tone and even find colors to contour with!

Aging Skin

Heavy products can settle into fine lines making you appear to have more wrinkles then you do. We recommend using a lighter liquid foundation or even a tinted moisturizer.

Our Top Pick: Sorme’ liquid Foundation

Dry Skin 

You should put a moisturizer on before application which will help the foundation seep into your skin for lasting wear. We also carry moisturizing Primers that would be a great choice.

Our Top Pick: Sorme Treat and Tint BB Cream

This Multi purpose Skin Perfecting BB Cream with the Power of Argan Oil ConcentrateBB Cream provides instant luminosity, even tone, smoothness and hydration of the skin.

Oily Skin

Ditch the shine ladies. You should be using a medium coverage dry foundation. Always apply with a brush our sponge because using your hands can transfer more oil to your face.

Our Top Pick: Palladio Herbal wet and dry Foundation is perfect because it will have a light weight feel on the skin when used dry but wont compromise coverage. If you feel like you need a little more coverage that day use wet and maintain that light weight feel.

Normal Skin

If you are one of the lucky ones the type of foundation and coverage you choose is all up to you. We love mineral makeup that will keep that nice skin feeling and looking great

Our Top Pick: Perse Mineral Foundation 


Come in to any location and speak with our on staff makeup artist and professionals to help you get that perfect foundation for your skin type.


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