Hidden Gems

Taylor Maid Beauty Supply has SEVERAL “Hidden Gems” throughout our stores.
BELEZA is one of our stores favorite hidden gems!
Beleza is a European Natural Skin Cream with no drugs, waxes, or preservatives. This, all natural, gem has been processed with Pure Lanolin, Olive Oil, Honey, and several other beneficial minerals!
Restore smoothness, softness, and improve elasticity to your ageing skin with this “Youth in a Bottle” product. Make it a daily skin routine requirement and YOU WILL LOVE the results you will gain from this product!

There are 3 different types of Beleza Creams for you to use:
1.     Beleza Original Formula:
The best for every day natural nourishment and protection from dry skin to minor skin irritations.
Beauty Pro tip: Apply sparsely to your face before applying your makeup using gentle strokes to create a protective barrier against dryness!
2.     Collagen Complex:
Apply to your skin and watch as your complexion drinks up the vital moisture that will help make your skin look and feel reborn with new found softness and smoothness! This “Youth in a bottle” wont leave you disappointed!
3.     Beleza Super Exacts:
There is no longer excuses for old looking skin and skin problems with this “56”
Vitamin and Mineral cream has been created specifically for severe skin problems!
For the best results always keep a light film of this special cream on at all times.
Mama tip: You can use this for diaper rash relief and for stretch marks!
This remedy is also wonderful for sunburns!
“I used Beleza through 6 pregnancies and didn’t get one stretch mark” -Paula Taylor
“Beleza is also amazing for burns. Every time I use it for a burn I never get a blister and it heals a lot faster” -Rebecca Powell
Put down your million skin care creams and narrow it down to the one skin cream that is literally for everything and will never go bad!
Written by: Nicole Hendrickson
Jun 20, 2017 | Posted by in Uncategorized | 1 comment

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  1. Kirsten elkins says:

    I’ve been using the Original Formula in my adult acne, and the difference is outstanding! Beleza heals! I can’t wait to buy the Beleza Super Extracts next

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