Zombify Yourself in just 5 Steps

Zombify Yourself In just 5 Steps!

With Zombies being a huge costume this halloween we are going to give you some makeup tips to help you achieve that awesome Walking dead look that is simple and all the products can be bought at Taylor Maid.

Step 1:
You always want to start with a clean canvas. Wash your face with warm water and an oil free cleanser, then pat dry and avoid putting sunscreen or any moisturizers on your skin because that can make any prosthetic not stay on as effectively.
If you have long hair pull it back into a pony tail away from your face so you can work better. For you guys you will want to shave prior because if you don’t latex and glue can get in your facial hair making removal painful.

Step 2:
Now you are ready to apply your “weapon” of choice. Start with using wither Liquid Latex or gelatin to create that deep wound or gash. You can do so may things with these 2 products such as open wounds, gashes, bit marks, broken facial bones, rotting flesh and more.
Start by applying these before any makeup is put on. If you choice latex apply a few layers and allow to dry between applications. If using gelatin then apply to the thickness desired. You can also use prosthetic pieces.
It is ok if you choose to not use this effect.  You can still get a Hideously decayed look without them.

Step 3:
You are now ready to apply your makeup. Make sure that you are using High quality makeup such as Ben Nye, Kryolan,  Taylor Maid FX ect. Low quality makeup can be harsh on your skin so make sure you use the best, which doesn’t always mean expensive.
Start with a white base makeup and apply to the entire face and neck allow to dry and then add other colors on top such as purple and blues for bruising or greens, yellow and greys for more rotting.

Step 4:
Darken your eyes. Apply a liner and smudge each eye then apply a dark grey or brown to create dark circles. You can again add the various colors for the effect you want to achieve. You will also want to Hollow out cheek bones and neck. Because we all know Zombies often look emaciated- smart brains are hard to come by when your a zombie…or any brain!
You can get this sunken in look by sucking in your cheeks like a fish face and lightly blending black powder or cream makeup into the hollows.

Step 5:
BLOOD! You can’t be a good Zombie with out blood. There are so many differant bloods that we carry so can get any effect you want. We have Aged BloodThick BloodMagic dry Blood and more.

*Use a FX boar brush to create a spattered effect
*get a little bowl full and dip your mouth in it to look like you just fed.
*When using the liquid blood start and the hair line and let it drip down your face
*Use the thicker blood to make your deeper wounds

And there you have it your perfect zombie! Finish off your look with some of your great Cosmetic lens

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