Should I Wash my hair everyday?

8 Reasons you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday

Want the secret to great hair? Well I have it for you. Stop washing your hair everyday! By now it’s nothing new to hear from stylist or professionals to cut down on the amount of times we wash our hair. But is any one actually doing it?

I am and I can tell you it makes a huge difference in my hair. I try to wash my hair about 3 times a week and I have noticed that I have healthier, Shinier Hair and have also notices less frizz and growth. So Ladies and gents lay off the washing.

When I tell people that I only wash my hair 3 times a week most of them react “Ugh gross” especially my husband. However most people confuse not washing your hair with not showering. Which between you and me I might go every other day before showering šŸ™‚

I know that a lot can depend on what type of hair you have. I you have overly greasy hair you can feel like there is no way you can go even one day with our washing. But let me tell you the 10 reasons that may help and also may change your mind.

1) It will make your mornings easier an faster. You wont be spending the extra 10 mins in the shower to wash and you also wont be spending 10 mins on drying it. Dirty hair is actually easier to style and hey who doesn’t want an extra 20 mins of sleep right?

2) Dirty hair is best for braids. When your hair is clean it is often to soft and silky to keep a good braid in place. With Braids being a trendy look right now. Dirty hair will help you achieve that extra volume and full looking braid that will stay put.

3) Gives you natural texture.Ā Embracing your natural texture is the best thing you can do for hair. If you have curly hair, but straighten it to death every single day, you’re killing and drying out your hair. And if you have straight hair you’re constantly curling, you’re also hurting and drying it out. Now I’m not saying you can’t style your hair with heat anymore, But when you let your hairs natural texture come out it is a good break for you hair.And when it’s dirty, that natural texture is more likely to look amazing. Your natural texture can not usually beĀ achievedĀ using a hot tools

4) Keeps your hair healthier. Washing your hair too often actually strips it of it natural oils that helps your hair maintain its natural shine and also helps it grow.

5) It keeps your hair color longer. If you dye your hair you know you are always trying to find ways to make your color last. Well this is one less thing to worry about. Washing your hair is slowly stripping color and even if you use a color safe option in time it will dull it.

6) You get to use dry shampoo! Kava H20 Dry ShampooĀ is my favorite. I love this product. It will dry up any excess oil and will give you amazing volume and texture as well.

7) Saves you money. You will obviously be using less Shampoo and Conditioner and heat products that will help you save your money

8) Dirty hair is easier to style. Did you know the best up does are done with “dirty” hair? Your hair will keep the style much better then clean hair in general. And you can always add a shine spray to spruce up your look

So Let brake the mold and stay a little dirty, trust me you will love the results

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