Tips and Tricks for your Lips

Tips and Tricks for your Lips

Using Lip Liner correctly:
Next to Mascara, Lip Liner is a product that if over used or used incorrectly can make it look like your makeup is caked on. When you use liner more subtly it can make your lips look younger, fuller and more defined.
Lip Liner can also help adhere lip gloss and lip stick giving it the all day look without bleeding into fine lines.

Here are some Rules to using lip liner:

1) Never use lip liner that is much darker then your lipstick. Never! 
This an give you a ridged look and the trends now are looking for the somewhat natural look. But even if you go with a bold red lip if you use a liner that is maybe one shade darker then your lips will actually look fuller and more luscious then if you used a harsh liner color.

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2) Soften the liner
Yes you should sharpen the pencil liner before using but then draw back and forth on your hand to soften the tip before application. This will give a softer edge and prettier all around look. I personally use Taylor Maid Pencil liner, Sorme lip pencil and also the Palladio roll up liner which keeps the tip softened and it is nice to not have to worry about sharpening.

3) Don’t over draw
I know we all want that Angelina Jolie lip pout look but over drawing your lip liner too much can make you look like a fish face. So if you are trying to achieve that fuller plumper look, then use your liner just slightly above your own lip line for that little extra oomph.

4) Play up your cupids bow
The cupids bow is that sexy little peak in the middle of your top lip. You can either draw an X from tip to tip that will help you guide your lipstick our just your regular trace lip liner. But how ever you wish to highlight that area make sure it is the spot light of your lips

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5) Liner can multi task
Most people don’t use this little secret, but did you know that your lip liner can double for a great matte lipstick look? Well now you do. That matte texture is very trendy right know and often stays better then a lip gloss or even occasionally lipstick.

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So always make sure if you decide to use lip liner blend the sharp lines and also give that little extra plump if you want a dramatic look.

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