Professional or Drug Store?

Why should you use Taylor Maid Professional Product over Drug Store brands?

Everyone wants to know the difference between professional hair care brands and drug store brands. Well I’m here to give you the down low to help you achieve the beautiful hair you have always wanted and its not as expensive as you think.

I had roommates in collage that used the grocery store brands and I wanted to try them because I really wanted to know if there was a difference in quality. Well there is! After using the drug store brands I felt like I had to use a lot more product then usual and after I got out of the shower I was using twice as much leave in conditioner to get the frizz and tangles out.
I have customers ask all the time what is the difference in the drug store shampoo and what Taylor Maid carries?

Unless you have allergies ingredients isn’t always the first thing on your mind. But it is a good idea to know what is in your products. Rule of thumb, when reading ANY ingredient label the first listed is always the strongest and the last listed is always the weakest.
A few ingredients to pay attention to are water, alcohol, and sulfates.

H2O: Is water the first ingredient listed in your shampoo? This usually means that the products is more diluted then others. So you may be paying less then Salon brands but you are also getting less products. One of my favorite professional lines is Kava which has tons of natural herbs and for best results it is to be used in small amounts because when combined with water (in your hair) it is activated and with lather perfectly.

Alcohol: We all know what alcohol does and when a product has high quantities of it it can be a one way ticket to dry hair. Although there are a lot of products that need alcohol to create the right consistency but in high amounts it can be damaging and you are not getting the proteins and nutrients from your hair care

Sulfates: I feel like sulfates are all anyone cares about right now and I am willing to bet that 90% of people don’t even know what sulfates do. They can dry out the hair and strip the hair of color but they also play a huge part in helping a product get suds. Taylor Maid carries a huge variety of sulfate free hair care products and it is nice to be able to go into a store and have knowledgeable staff to help me get the right product. Sorry but drug store and grocery store employees usually aren’t experts on Hair care.

I know that price can be a big determining factor in your hair care but it truly is you get what you pay for. But at Taylor Maid they have products usually 25% less then retail all the time with coupons and deals on top of that. They carry every professional products that I love KAVA, Redken,  TRI Professional,Marrakesh , Purology, Paul Mitchel and so much more. My favorite sulfate free brand is Earthly Body (Marrakesh)

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